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Basewindow Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  { B_LeftJustify = 1, B_RightJustify, B_CenterJustify }

Public Member Functions

 Basewindow (int, char **)
const BColorborderColor (void)
int getColorsPerChannel (void)
int getDepth (void)
Display * getDisplay (void)
Window getRootWindow (void)
int getScreenNumber (void)
Visual * getVisual (void)
void grab (void)
Bool hasImageDither (void)
BImageControlimageControl (void)
Cursor sessionCursor (void)
void setupImageControl (void)
void ungrab (void)
unsigned int xRes (void)
unsigned int yRes (void)

Public Attributes

char * bbconfig_filename
BColor border_color
int colors_per_channel
char * config_filename
bool default_config
unsigned int depth
Display * dpy
bool image_dither
char * nobb_filename
char * position
bool shape
char * spooldir
Visual * v
bool withdrawn

Protected Member Functions

virtual void ParseOptions (int argc, char **argv)

Protected Attributes

Cursor cursor
int display_height
char * display_name
int display_width
GC menuFrameGC
GC menuGC
GC menuHiGC
Window menuwin
Window root
int screen
unsigned int xres
unsigned int yres

Private Member Functions

void MakeCursor (void)
void Usage (void)

Private Attributes

int server_grabs

Detailed Description

Definition at line 45 of file Basewindow.hh.

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