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Basemenu Class Reference

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struct  MENU

Public Types

enum  { MenuAlignDontCare = 1, MenuAlignTop, MenuAlignBottom }

Public Member Functions

 Basemenu (ToolWindow *)
void buttonPressEvent (XButtonEvent *)
void buttonReleaseEvent (XButtonEvent *)
int Count (void)
void defaultMenu (void)
void enterNotifyEvent (XCrossingEvent *)
void exposeEvent (XExposeEvent *)
Bool hasSubmenu (int)
unsigned int Height (void)
void Hide (void)
int insert (char *, int=0, char *=0, int=-1)
int insert (char **, int=-1)
int insert (char *, Basemenu *, int=-1)
const char * Label (void) const
void leaveNotifyEvent (XCrossingEvent *)
void motionNotifyEvent (XMotionEvent *)
void Move (int, int)
void Reconfigure (void)
int remove (int)
void setHighlight (int=-1)
void setMenuLabel (char *n)
virtual void Show (void)
unsigned int titleHeight (void)
void Update (void)
Bool userMoved (void)
int Visible (void)
unsigned int Width (void)
Window WindowID (void)
int X (void)
int Y (void)

Protected Member Functions

BasemenuItemfind (int index)
virtual void itemSelected (int, int)=0
void setAlignment (int a)
void setHidable (Bool b)
void setMovable (Bool b)
void setTitleVisibility (Bool b)

Private Member Functions

void drawItem (int, Bool=False, Bool=False, Bool=False)
void drawSubmenu (int, Bool=False)

Private Attributes

int alignment
int always_highlight
Bool default_menu
Display * display
Bool hidable
struct MENU menu
LinkedList< BasemenuItem > * menuitems
Bool movable
Bool moving
Bool shifted
Bool title_vis
Bool user_moved
Bool visible
int which_press
int which_sbl
int which_sub

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file Basemenu.hh.

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